Read/Write RACES DB

Update 2/4/21

Updated Toolbar and Database interface code. Removed redundant and out of date commands. The source, executable and installer to git.

Update 5/31/20

A barcode reading application has been constructed to facilitate gathering check-in and check-out information from the members of the San Jose Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES). The barcode application needs identification information from the RACES database. A command was added to RWracesDB to output that information to a comma separated value (.csv) file. The specific information is the FCC call sign, name and badge number.

Update 02/09/20

This update includes two new commands to facilitate sending survey eMails to the membership:

  • Survey Requests
  • ID List
A survey request will be created for every member with specific current information from the database for each member. There is a filter file (See ID List below) that includes ID information for every user with a mark for those users that have responded to the survey.

ID List produces a list of ID information for every user. It includes the following information:

  • Last Name First Name Catenated (e.g. Van TuylRobert)
  • Call Sign exactly as it appears in the database
  • Badge Number (including negative numbers for members that have never had a badge)
  • Responded Field (i.e. blank for no response, non-blank for a response)
The latter field is left blank by the program and filled in the the user of "Survey Request".

Update 12/19/19

this update includes four new commands:

  • Prepare csv file for Google Earth Pro
  • Prepare csv file for Everbridge
  • Count various categories of responders
  • Prepare text file of FCC Call Signs
Each new command displays the report in the window where it may be printed or output to a file using the appropriate command (toolbar button or File dropdown menu).

Update 11/19

Converted to Unicode

Update 9/7/19

Updated to copy cell number into Text Message Phone number and output a message box to the user to fix the database. Update Member table to account for the picture field.

Update 5/5/19

RWracesDB was updated to compile under Visual Studio 2017. Used WixApp to prepare Wix's Product.wxs installer file. Needs My Library to compile.

Update 2/5/19

Update to look for empty Text Message Phone Number Field. Fix a display issue.


This is a little program to help manage changes to the San Jose RACES database.