Man Pages

Update 5/31/20

The Library has undergone some changes, so this version compiles with the 5/31/20 version of the library.


When trying to figure out how ssh2 worked I looked at the LIBSSH2 doc directory. In that directory were several ‹libssh2_....›.3 files. They were purported to be Man files from the Unix/Linux environment. They were populated with troff codes which made them pretty tedious to read. I looked around for a Windows program to translate them into something readable on Windows. I did not find anything (although that does not mean that there isn't something out there). So I wrote a small application that would first find every file in the directory and put the name (which is also the name of the function described) in a drop down combobox list. Then the user can select a function in the application (called "Man Pages") and it will be displayed in a readable format in the window of Man Pages. I wrote an installer and installed it on my system.