Move MP3 Tracks from Multiple Directories into One Directory

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The library has been updated. This version compiles with the new library.


This app does only one thing. Books on Tape (Disk) are audio books. Playing them in a vehicle requires fiddling with the tape or disk when the current tape or disk completes. This is a hazardous process if one takes one's eyes off the road. Some Mp3 players may be configured to play a series of files in a single directory from start to finish. So the goal of MvMp3 is to arrange the tracks from a disk to be in a single directory. The order of the tracks must be from start to finish of the book.

My program that converts a audio disk to mp3 tracks places each disk (there can be as many as 19 disks in a book) in its own directory. I arrange for the disks to be sorted by the file system in the order of the book. MvMp3 takes the directory holding all the subdirectories that contain the disk tracks and moves the tracks into the parent directory in the correct disk/track order.