What Am I Doing here

Programming is an art. Programming is mathematical. Programming requires incredibly wide knowledge and the ability to research issues. But I don't want to talk about that.

I am retired so nothing I say here will affect any project in the "real" world, only my little projects. I have been "programming" since 1967 and stop professional programming in 2005. I've programmed in assemply language for several processors, QSPL, fortran, snobol, C, Ada, C++ and some other minor languages.

Even when I was writing code for a living I used a style that was shunned by other "professionals". When I left one project the guy who took it over reformatted the entire project. Oh well. The company failed about a year later but not because of the code I wrote. It failed because of a problem that the equipment and software just could not solve.

By and large the projects I worked on met expectations. Most organizations, once trust was established, used me as a trouble shooter. More often than not there was a successful conclusion.


At this point I don't have a list. As I think of them I'll write them. I am doing this for me and if you are reading this, fine, and if not that is fine too.