Bob Van Tuyl has been providing software development services for many years in a variety of problem domains.  He has fixed bugs in large Unix applications, embedded real time programs in the telephone network products, embedded systems for controlling roadside call boxes and other problem domains.

Bob has also made major changes to existing systems.  He has improved the error processing in the LTX diagnostic loading, a compilation process using a Yacc++ parser.  He converted the self diagnostic machinery to use the Factory Model.  This made the diagnostics much more modular.  He added calibration software to wafer positioning hardware.

While Bob has been retired (read unemployed) for a few years now, he still maintains a few web sites, has helped one school with their roster data base by writing an Access program and some C++ to extract and format the data from Access and writes the occasional program from time-to-time. He is always looking for an interesting project.....

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